Groove 2015 Information
Big Schedule
big schedule 2015 by day corrected
Groove 2015 Handbook
groove handbook 2015
Costume, Hair & Make-Up Notes (Groove 2015 & Masterclass)
Costume Hair Make-Up Notes Revised

Jessica’s Extra Classes
Jessica’s Extra Classes

March Events
masterclass class 2015 blocks
Masterclass Performance Order Block A: 10:00am-1:00pm
masterclass block A order
Masterclass Performance Order Block B: 1:30-3:30
masterclass block B order
Masterclass Performance Order Block C: 4:00-6:30
masterclass block C order
Spring Fling
spring fling 2015


Waivers: please find our waiver for students below:

Waiver Liability Family 2014 2015


2014/15 Dance Info

Please find below our 2014/15 Student Handbook which contains lots of important info, dates, studio protocol and more, and our Class Dress Codes for this year.

handbook 2014 2015

dress codes 2014 2015