We have streamlined our levels for all of our programs with a number system. The level is listed beside each course, before the time/date information. If you are unclear as to your level, please speak to Lindsay or your instructor. Preschool programs are open to all levels. Also note levels do NOT correspond to the number of years taken, but is representative of the optimum learning environment for the individual student.

1 = Beginner
2 = Advanced Beginner
3A = Junior Intermediate
3B = Senior Intermediate
4 = Advanced Intermediate
5 = Advanced
6 = Senior Advanced


This class emphasizes strong jazz technique and performance. Students will explore isolation, contraction, turns, across the floor and jumps. Each class will end with choreography exploring different styles of jazz dance.
Co-requisite for Jazz 4 and 5: must be taking a ballet class. Please note if class is full you can register to be placed on a waitlist.

Dress Code

Girls: Jazz shoes, black leotard and tights
Boys: Jazz shoes, form-fitting black dance pants and white form fitting top


A combination of ballet, jazz and modern. Emphasis on soft flowing movements, emotional connection to music and expressive, fluid and gracious choreography. Co-requisite: must be enrolled in Jazz 5 (or with permission).

Dress Code

Girls: Bare feet or toe-undies, and footless tights and black leotard. Hair must be tied back in a bun.
Boys: Form fitting, black dance pants and white form fitting top.

Costume Fees

Please refer to our policies page for an explanation of our tiered letter system (A-E) for costume fees.

Registration & Schedule
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