We have streamlined our levels for all of our programs with a number system. The level is listed beside each course, before the time/date information. If you are unclear as to your level, please speak to Lindsay or your instructor. Preschool programs are open to all levels. Also note levels do NOT correspond to the number of years taken, but is representative of the optimum learning environment for the individual student.

1 = Beginner
2 = Advanced Beginner
3A = Junior Intermediate
3B = Senior Intermediate
4 = Advanced Intermediate
5 = Advanced
6 = Senior Advanced



The mainstay and inspiration for Pantuso Dance, these fun high-energy classes explore the world of rhythm, time steps, technique, and fun. Experience the joy and rewards of making music with your own feet, explore all styles of tap, and work on challenging and fun choreography for the year end performance. Be prepared for all types of music since tap dance is all about expression and feeling the rhythm. Classes are structured for the students’ own specific level so that progress can be made as a group and new levels of expertise can be achieved. Please note if class is full you can register to be placed on a waitlist. It’s strongly recommended that anyone in 3A and up also take Tap Tech.  

Tap Youth Boys (By Invitation)

A program just for male dancers. Develop a sense of self in a non- competitive, inclusive environment.

Tap Tech

Expand technique and foot work in this intensive class. (Students must be enrolled in a regular Pantuso tap program in addition to this class.) Co-requisite: Tap Tech 3-4 must be enrolled in Tap Level 3A-4 Co-requisite: Tap Tech Level 5-6 must be enrolled in Tap Level 5-6

Dress Code

Tap shoes and form fitting flexible dance wear. Jeans are not permitted.
Notes on Tap Shoes: Shoes must be hard soled and heavy; taps should have 3 screws and be tight to start with. Do not loosen the taps. Danca, Bloch and Capezio are good brands. Patent leather with ties are fine for girls 6yrs and under, boys must be in lace up shoes.

Costume Fees

Please refer to our policies page for an explanation of our tiered letter system (A-E) for costume fees.

Registration & Schedule
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