We have streamlined our levels for all of our programs with a number system. The level is listed beside each course, before the time/date information. If you are unclear as to your level, please speak to Lindsay or your instructor. Preschool programs are open to all levels. Also note levels do NOT correspond to the number of years taken, but is representative of the optimum learning environment for the individual student.

1 = Beginner
2 = Advanced Beginner
3A = Junior Intermediate
3B = Senior Intermediate
4 = Advanced Intermediate
5 = Advanced
6 = Senior Advanced

A supplementary training program designed to push the technical and artistic abilities of our higher level dancers. Each session consists of an hour of technique drawing from all of the dance forms offered at Pantuso Dance, followed by an hour of creating choreographic repertoire. Once the group attains a consistent level of excellence it will also include additional performance opportunities. Minimum Ballet 3 (or by invitation) and all students must be enrolled in at least four classes in addition to this class with Ballet being a fundamental requirement. Admission by audition only. Please sign up below if interested. Registration for this will be done by Lindsay once auditions are complete.