Pantuso Dance Levels

Experienced Dance Students
Following in line with our studio philosophy, we are excited to be switching to a new class designation system that will help students concentrate on being the best dancer possible be rather than their "level" of dance. All of our classes for students with moderate to extensive experience and skills have been given fun class names that relate to an aspect of each discipline (ex: Ballet Adagio, Tap Shuffle, Jazz Boogie etc).

Please find your designated class on our customer portal.

Dance Students At The Beginning Of Their Dance Journey

Our new series of classes for students who are just starting out or are continuing to work on the fundamental skills is called "Steps". Each of our dance disciplines has a series of "Steps" classes along with designated age groups. All new students are able to register in any "Steps" program for their appropriate age group. Please note that it is very normal for students to be in these classes for 2 or more seasons.

If you are wanting to register for a discipline that you did not take this year please contact us to be directed towards the appropriate class or to set up an assessment.

Please note that preschool programs do not perform in the year end recital "Groove".

Bumble Bees Ballet (2-3 year)

Creative fun for tots while learning the basics of dance.

Leaping Lambs Ballet (3-4 years independent learning)

Join us for this fun and interactive introduction to ballet. Students in this class should be comfortable participating in the lesson with minimal parental support.

Twirling Tigers Ballet (4-5 years independent learning)

Ballet basics in a supportive and fun atmosphere. Students in this class should be comfortable participating in the lesson without parental support.

Registration & Schedule
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